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2012-02-03 14:15:43 by supermegachaos

its Friday that is good right?

check em out my early works suck but my reasent ones are much better considering I can do a lot more with the program now.

New artwork up cheak it out

2012-01-26 18:55:40 by supermegachaos

it my first one Submitted to new grounds I would like to know what people think about it. ermegachaos/harry-potter-katamari

Its an artwork I wont spoil it but If you look at it I would like to here feedback for you


my mega man project I have decided to move it to limbo the netherworld for games but fear not because This experance has given way for much better injanuity and a better gaming experience after all now that the engine is developed for almost all the way my next project will fix most problems that my previous ones had and mabey after I work on this slightly less ambitious project Ill take megaman32/8 bit out of limbo.

this next one I had is a bit simpiler but it will help me learn a bit more about timed events and how things like that take place so I can better program my enemy AI for when I come back to Megaman32/8bit

well people its been a while since I have posted anything on newgrounds. but there are so many problems I dont know how to solve with my skill alone on my current project so my options are look for help on new grounds and get advice from other programers or scrap that project and work on a much simpler project i thought of a couple days ago. what do you guys think? this project has been in development now for a couple of mounths now but it feels like I have reached my ability's on how far I can go.

Ps. if anyone wants to give me advice or help me PM me and ill explain the problems I have been having. Ill give you credit if it ever gets released which if i fix the bugs I assure you it will.

good news everyone

2011-06-30 22:09:43 by supermegachaos

I have a reason to work on my stuff aging. in other words Im not so stir crazzy any more. :0. but Im reinspired and got out of the house and life is better than ever yah. my 8 bit megaman game is now coming together smoothly and I finally got the hang of putting together a descent level design, AKA the thing I was stuck on for months on end. and after playing around with the programing software I fixed a lot of issues that was persisted in my last game ninja vs ballomatic (dont play it its terrible no really terible it was made in my first week of programing/animating).

last but not least id like to give a
specail thanks to all my fans out there

number of fans out there 2

this is supermegachaos see you next time

(ps my friends call me super for short)

(pps at least on the internet)


I feel like Im stuck in a rut or something, mega man zero 8bit will have to be delayed for a bit even know I got all the sprites drawn and everything Im sorry now is just not the time to post it. all finish it when I feel like I have a life aging.

keep an eye out for it Im working really hard on it about 4 months ago i promised a game but my computor crashed and died and I just got it up and running aging

I have been working really hard to combine a megaman 32 bit style with an 8 bit style please cheak it out when its done.

any ideas for my next project dood.
I have some ideas but they might be a little hard to pull off dood.

I just found out I got in the semi finals of an internship I applied to I am really exited. now I have to do a phone interveiw whatever that is... Also my new computor is in so I should be developing soon. right after work and classes are done. XD