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good news everyone

2011-06-30 22:09:43 by supermegachaos

I have a reason to work on my stuff aging. in other words Im not so stir crazzy any more. :0. but Im reinspired and got out of the house and life is better than ever yah. my 8 bit megaman game is now coming together smoothly and I finally got the hang of putting together a descent level design, AKA the thing I was stuck on for months on end. and after playing around with the programing software I fixed a lot of issues that was persisted in my last game ninja vs ballomatic (dont play it its terrible no really terible it was made in my first week of programing/animating).

last but not least id like to give a
specail thanks to all my fans out there

number of fans out there 2

this is supermegachaos see you next time

(ps my friends call me super for short)

(pps at least on the internet)



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2011-07-14 18:48:33

i hope you do well with your mega man game. dont worry, im sure it will be great. just, try to fixe the bugs from ninj vs ballomatic in your new games cause you have to fix it or history will repeat itself.

supermegachaos responds:

Thanks the sad thing is I cant refine ninja vs ballomatic anymore because I lost the data. :( but I know how to fix a lot of the bugs that where in that one. exept for making the characters not know how to wall jump constantly maybe Ill have to look that one up.