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time to give a damn

2011-01-21 15:54:51 by supermegachaos

I am going to try submitting a few more flash games because I am understanding the program better but if it turns out Im not getting beter at this You just might end up seeing me in the art portal a whole lot more often. especially since I have been having bad luck with computers lately.

Next game will be a megaman zero side schorler with a twist wish me luck.

sorry about spelling cant spell very well... :(

It has been almost a month since I ordered the computer but Its going to be worth the wait and when I get it expect more flash games from me. Lets just say I learnt a lot from ninja vs ballomatic and Im going to put it to good use.

Im tired

2011-01-13 20:51:04 by supermegachaos

Im going to sleep

Ive cant work on it for about a month so Im putting the release date and setting it back about another month. I hope this does not end like duke nukem forever the game that took forever to come out.

see you guys in about one month.

aggghhhhhhh PERSONA!!!!

2011-01-08 19:06:12 by supermegachaos

I have been playing persona lately and I think to my next game Im going to add a contact system. I love how you can chat with your enemy its fun.


MC uses bribe---

bad guy-- ummmm this looks yummyer than life stones---

happy state increases :)

hi guys

2011-01-04 22:38:28 by supermegachaos

still I am waiting for my computer to get in no sign of it but the good news is I have some new ideas I did not have before when I started this whole ordeal of the new flash game and while it may seem impossible now Im aiming for the front page.

feels like just yesterday I was unscrewing my old computor and pulling my hard-drive. but seriously this wait feels like forever. cant wait to get started back on the flash project cant do anything with this libretos computer Im stuck using for now except keep you guys posted. So while I wait Im going to draw ideas for hand made enemys which I will then personally animate myself... unlike the last game I made. :l

Im aiming for the front page root for me... if you want.

Since my computer died I have since ordered another one and I am going to re-work on the new flash game I promised. And since I am no artist myself it will be sprite based, but everything will run and move smoothly. Its a cool concept but I have only let a select people know what Im working on because its kind of a surprise so Im not giving away anything. when I post it I will definitely let my readers know (people who read this X<2).
x=number of readers
thats All im saying now but ill keep you updated on the progress.


2011-01-01 04:05:58 by supermegachaos

Hi guys because I have nothing better to do with my time Im wishing all of you a happy new year let this one be a good one guys.

Computer died

2011-01-01 03:14:14 by supermegachaos

well I knew this was coming I just did not know so soon but my computer died on me and there is no hope for recovery. well today I took it apart and salvaged the parts out of it. Also it looks like the flash game I have been working on will be delayed by a great deal since I am back to square one.(at least I know what Im doing the next time around.)

because I live in Alaska it will be a while before I can get a new one, but I have already ordered it and it will be around here in about 2 weeks. So around that time I'll start working on the flash once more.

If your wondering how Im typing this Im using a local computer.

I'm so sorry people, it looks like the new flash will be delayed.