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I have worked long and hard on this game to give it a good feel and control when it comes to the characters but now the real challenge begins. I have the engine for the game nearly complete now I have to work out a level design and storyboard interface.

Id say the game is about 40-45% complete since I have been working non stop on this over the past week. It really was a fun experience for me so far but Im still having a cupple of issues I not sure how to work out. but there all minor things so hopefully they wont effect game play too much.

I have discarded that useless game and aready am working on a master piece, hopefully...

its a sprite animation based game with full animations which compared to my last failure is a big step forward.


A new consept coming soon

2010-10-17 22:13:05 by supermegachaos

This is a new flash idea dont expect anything wonderful on flash because I am still a noob on it but Ill do the best I can. a special thanks to shadowsgrim for helping me out.

be on the lookout

2010-10-16 07:05:37 by supermegachaos

be on the look out for my first flash working together with shadowsgrim. Name not desisted on yet.